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The Drifting Desk Story

Founded by Sabreen Rezvie, Drifting Desk is more than a business — it’s a passion project. Sabreen, with a profound understanding of the tech industry and a keen awareness of Sri Lanka’s potential, envisioned a platform that not only redefines workspaces but also creates opportunities for growth.

Our journey began with a simple question: What if workspaces could be more than just functional places to get the job done? What if they could be hubs of creativity, collaboration, and inspiration?

The answer became Drifting Desk — a platform that goes beyond providing services; it creates opportunities, fosters growth, and connects individuals across continents.


Join us on the  Journey

Whether you’re a founder seeking to build a team, an investor exploring opportunities, or a professional in search of an inspiring co-working space, Drifting Desk invites you to be part of our journey. Together, let’s redefine work and living.

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